Salerno is one of the most beautiful cities of Campania, and its located in a very strategic spot, right at the top of the Gulf… of Salerno.

In the past years Salerno, a city that has never been deemed in the past as a touristic must-see has experienced a great increase in visits from tourists from all around the world, an increase that finds its reasons in the very wide range of beauties and attractions that you may find in this very special city.

In today’s guide we will explore, even though just virtually, the wonderful Salerno, in the hope that the infos you will find in this very article will make your decision easier about the itinerary of your next trip to Costiera Amalfitana and Campania.

Where is Salerno?

Salerno is in between the Amalfi Coast and the Cilentana Coast, another wonderful destination for people loving tradition, good food, history and fine beaches, the part that traditionally starts from the Gulf of Salerno and moves down to Policastro Gulf.

Reaching Salerno, both from Naples and the Amalfi Coast is very easy, as we will be able to see together towards the end of our guide.

To the south, Salerno is the last province before the end of Campania and the start of Calabria. It can also be, then, a wonderful spot where to have a little stop before moving further south.

Why Salerno?

Salerno has very much to offer to tourists and most of its offering is due to its very rich history. The city reached its peak during the Norman domination, when Salerno became the capital city of their dominions in Southern Italy.

But Salerno, and we feel the need to say it before moving further in our guide, is today a very different city, where its history is enriched by a very modern development of the city.

The city is probably a unique spot where the traditional southern history gets perfectly mixed with what modern life could grant us. Next to the historical monuments and buildings, you will also be able to find everything that modernity has offered us.

A touristic itinerary: what to see in Salerno

Our tour in Salerno has to start from the historical center of the city. It’s an unbelievably wonderful example of medieval urban development and has its center in the Duomo, a great example of the architecture of the time.

The Duomo has been founded by Roberto Il Guiscardo, upon the choice of the bishop Alfano I. The works for the construction started back in 1080 and it has been officially opened in 1084, under the blessing of Pope Gregory VII. The Duomo underwent heavy reconstruction after the quake of 1688.

On the southern side you will also be able to enjoy the wonderful Bell Tower, built in 1100s and with a clear touch of Arabic taste in its aesthetics.

The cathedral is formed by a central body, with three naves, with one of them being horizontal. In the Crypt of the church you will be able to pay homage to the mortal remains of St. Matthew, the saint giving its name to this wonderful cathedral.

All around the Duomo you will also be able to enjoy the very famous animal sculptures decorating the walls of the church.

After the Duomo, if you are one of those who can never say no to a wonderful view and landscape, our suggestion is to visit the Castello di Arechi, where you will be able to enjoy the best view, by far, of the city and the Gulf.

The Arechi Castle is a medieval building, located at 300 meters above the sea, a castle that has been the center of the military power of Arechi II The Prince, who picked up this building as the main defensive structure of the city.

Another very interesting structure of the medieval city is the Aqueduct, a construction that brought water to close Monastery of St. Benedict. The construction is a wonderful example of the use of ogive arch and surely a good landmark for tourists interested in the building techniques of the middle age. The main arch of the structure is so peculiar that gave to it the name of Devil’s Bridge.

If you are looking for a good place to do some shopping, you must visit Via Dei Mercanti, a wonderful street where you will find, all around, some of the most important historical buildings of Salerno, while enjoying shopping the best products of Salerno.

Salerno by the sea: let’s not forget this is a Gulf city!

Salerno usually grabs the attention of the tourist by its historical monuments and buildings, and many forget that we are after all talking of a city with a very strong bond with the sea.

If you want to breath the wonderful atmosphere of one of the most important gulfs of Europe, our suggestion is to walk along the Lungomare Trieste, a walk of about 2 km connecting the old harbor of the city with Santa Teresa Beach.

The particular vocation of Salerno is also represented by the Maritime Station, a wonderful building right next to Manfredi Commercial Harbor. The station is one of the most important works of the international architect Zaha Hadid.

When to visit Salerno?

Salerno can be visited in every season, even though it is probably better to reach the city in Spring, Summer or early Autumn to enjoy the best climate the city can offer.

As it is one of the best connected cities to the Costiera, you can easily detour for a couple of days from Amalfi, Positano, Ravello or Maiori.

Salerno can also be the start of your trip to the Amalfi Coast, directly reaching the city by train and then moving north.

How to reach Salerno

Salerno can be easily reached by train, from Napoli, or by bus, from any of the towns of the costiera.

SITA, the public bus company connects every town, even the small ones, with regular buses, several times a day.

Salerno can also be reached by ferryboat from Amalfi or Napoli.

If you would prefer to travel, you can reach Salerno by highway, from south or north, or driving all along the Amalfi Coast, in the direction of Vietri.

is enriched by a very modern development of the city. The city is probably a unique spot where the traditional southern history gets perfectly mixed with what modern life could grant us.

Next to the historical monuments and buildings, you will also be able to find everything that modernity has offered us.

How to Arrive in Salerno? Click Here!


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